Xenical – Everything You Need to Know

Xenical – Everything You Need to Know
Men & women use this world known, over-the-counter drug called Xenical for weight loss and to tackle obesity. Since this condition is very rampant even in young children, a support group is very important because most of the times people tend to violate their own diet plan.

In most cases, people have the need to seek for help especially when one has reached the obesity stage already and being over weight already has affected one’s health condition.

Fact is, obesity carries on different kinds of ailments like:

* cancer
* diabetes
* heart problems

You should first consult a doctor to know what pill could best work for you. Some pills tend to suppress appetite. This can result in malnutrition and dehydration. Other drugs make the metabolism fast. According to the makers, Xenical works to block certain amount of the food we take from being digested. It blocks some of the food eaten, preventing them from being digested.

The undigested fats that were blocked by Xenical will be eliminated through bowel. As you take the pill, you will notice oil in your bowels and discharges. Xenical eliminates oil in your body. You should start to reduce intakes of fatty foods, to avoid oil secretions. As your body adjusts to the pill, oil secretions will be minimized.

It is best to take Xenical while you are on diet as it is found to be 50% effective. First thing to consider in taking this pill or any kind of pill (not just diet pills), is if you have allergies. Assess yourself if you have allergy from Orlistat as this is Xenical’s main component.

People who suffer from thyroid problems, diabetes, and gall bladder problems are advised to consult with their doctor first before taking this pill. Pregnant women should not take this drug, as well as children 18 years old and below. This advise was given to all pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies.

This pill is considered helpful and effective together with the right and balanced diet. It’s not advisable to have a crash diet together with a diet pill to avoid conflicts and malnutrition.

Xenical should be taken one hour after meal, 3 times a day. If you skip a meal, do not take Xenical to avoid uncomfortable feeling in your tummy as eliminating part of what you eat is the main effect. Nothing will be eliminated if you eat nothing. Take Xenical strictly according to the instructions written in the label. Drink full glass of water together with the pill.

Every drug has side effects. Some of the visible effects of Xenical include:

* oily stool,
* oil in discharges,
* oily spots in your underwear will be visible with continued usage of the pill

These are the common and tolerable effects of the pill.

If you experience:

* Difficulty in breathing,
* Swelling in some areas of your body like in your face, lips, throat etc.

You should stop taking Xenical and consult with your doctor. You may be allergic to Orlistat. Do not take Xenical if you’re under medications for other illness, as this will affect the effect of the pill in your body. Always remember to keep drugs out of reach of children and consult a doctor before taking any kind of drugs.
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