What Are the Alternatives to Prescription Weight Loss Pills?

What Are the Alternatives to Prescription Weight Loss Pills?
When looking to loose weight, those that are considered to be overly obese can always go to a doctor and get a prescription for the popular weight loss pill; Xenical. Unfortunately, you have to be almost morbidly obese to qualify for the prescription. Some people are wondering what the alternatives which may be available are.

For starters, the Xenical weight loss pills features as its active ingredient; Orlistat, which is a substance that prevents the body from absorbing significant amounts of fat from the food they digest. Unfortunately this is a prescription only medication and although recently an over the counter version has since been approved and released under the name of Alli, many people are still looking for other alternatives.

There could be a number of reasons to look for an alternative. For starters, the Orlistat that prevents the fat from being absorbed, means that the fat will later be expelled from your body through your faeces. The drug itself also has a plethora of side effects associated with its use including that of diarrhoea and anal leakages. All this together may force many people to look for an alternative with fewer side effects.

There is the option that you could opt for Proactol which unlike Xenical, it does not prevent the absorption of fat, but rather binds the fat molecules to create a viscous material in the stomach which ca more readily be digested and broken down without the side effects of anal leakage or diarrhoea.

There is also a large selection of various over the counter pills which can aide in the loss of weight when accompanied with a good diet and plenty of exercising, but when it comes down to the prevention of fat breakdown or absorption in the stomach, you are currently only limited to Xenical, its over the counter version Alli or Proactol.

It is also very important to read the fine print on the bottle or packaging that came with the product before using to make sure that there is a list of possible side effects. Making sure that you loose weight in a safe and healthy manner should be one of the most important parts of loosing weight. To make sure that it is accomplished in the safest and healthy manner you must remember to research any possible products prior to using them to see what risks could be associated with their use.

Be safe, and be healthy and soon with enough commitment and dedication you can be loosing the weight that you have been trying to get rid of for years.
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