Weight Loss Products – A Short Comparison Between Ephedra and Alli Products

Weight Loss Products – A Short Comparison Between Ephedra and Alli Products
Ephedra is also known under the names of ephedra sinica, ma huang, chinese ephedra, sida cordifolia and epitonin. It has a long tradition and it is maybe the most controversial weight loss product on the market. Ephedra is both a stimulant and a thermogenic. Its compounds stimulate the brain in order to change the metabolism. When it is used in combination with caffeine it causes weight loss. When Ephedra is administrated, the central nervous system is stimulated and the heart rate increases. This process produces a thermal effect in the body especially within the muscles and on the fat tissues. This way, the user will lose much more fat tissue.

At first, Ephedra was an asthma treatment drug and many forms of ephedrine can still be found in cold and flu medicines. One important aspect of this drug is the fact that it stimulates the thyroid gland and transforms LT-4 (L-thyroxine) into the stronger LT-3 (Liothyronine) with the aim of accelerating the metabolism.

It is used mostly by athletes because it increases strength and energy and it is a strong stimulant for the muscles. It works over the entire day, keeping you in good shape, increasing your endurance levels and concentration during the day while accelerating the metabolism.

Alli products come with a specific dieting plan for losing weight. You have to commit yourself to this new lifestyle in order to get the results you want. Alli prevents your body from absorbing roughly a quarter of the total fat you eat. So if you eat a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet and use Alli capsules, you can make a real difference in your weight as you limit the total number of calories that enter your system. Alli products will help you to lose as much as 50% more weight than simply dieting alone. Instead of losing 10 pounds, you could lose 15 pounds if also taking Alli pills.

Alli doesn’t affect the heart, it works in your digestive system. Alli weight loss products will help to pass out undigested fat before it can be digested and absorbed. The most common side-effect of Alli is that if you eat a meal with too much fat, you will generally need to go to the bathroom. Other than that, these weight loss products are harmless.

These weight loss pills are different. While Ephedra works with the central nervous system and effects the blood pressure, Alli products don’t affect your heart, it works in your digestive system only. Plus, Ephedra has many side effects, such as: nausea, headache, dizziness, irritation of the stomach, diarrhea, anxiety, psychosis, kidney stones, tremors, dry mouth, irregular or rapid heart rhythms, heart damage, high blood pressure, restlessness, nervousness, sleeping problems, decreased appetite, flushing, sweating, increased urination, while Alli products are almost harmless: you just have to not eat a meal very rich in fat and the pills will do their job properly.

Xenical belongs to the Alli product group and the great effect of this product is the fact that it works by inhibiting the gastric and pancreatic lipases and in this way, less fat calories enter the body. A recommended dose of Xenical is one capsule of 120 mg that is taken before main meals of the day. Xenical should be used with a balanced diet rich in fruits, grains and vegetables that contain on average, 30% of total calories. Xenical is also recommended by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration).

After describing these two products, we may have woken up your interest, so if you want to lose weight, you should inform yourself, talk to you doctor in order to find out which of these products is more recommended for you.
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