Via-gra: Hugh Hefner’s little helper

Via-gra: Hugh Hefner’s little helper
Who says you can’t enjoy an exciting sex life at 86? Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine has gone a long way to add a few legends of his own to the book of erotica. At his age when men are as stiff as iron to even put a leg out of their bed (forget about getting ‘it’ up), the Playboy mogul spends time with his playmates having orgies almost every week. Now how does that sound to you for a start? Does that provide a little motivation especially if you are someone who has been facing ED from a long time? Well, the point of telling to you all this is simply that erectile dysfunction is curable and the drug is out there in the marketplace.

Hugh Hefner has been living a lavish life ever since Playboy hit the market in the December of 1953. It became all the rage in no time with its first issue featuring a nude Marilyn Monroe on the cover page and sold over 50,000 copies. It was a bold revolution in a society where the concept of sex and its representation was immensely constricted. After a bitter end to an eight year old marriage in the 1980’s, Hefner went ahead to become the original playboy and a legendary sex icon by getting involved with seven live-in girlfriends all at the same time. Playboy has triggered what one would call a kind of sexual revolution unimaginable before its advent redefining the contours of sexuality in the modern world.

Even at 80, Hefner was involved with women one-fourth his age, his girlfriends as young as 19 such as the Shannon twins Karissa and Kristina. His current wife Crystal Harris is 25. His past girlfriends have described the orgies at Playboy Mansion in different perspectives. Kendra Wilkinson in her memoir, ‘Sliding into home’ mentions that one by one every girl hopped on Hugh and was there for about a minute. When it was her turn she felt weird. She didn’t think about how old he was as all the body parts worked the same. She wanted to be there with him. While Jill Ann Spaulding, an Ex-Playmate said that Hefner simply lies in the bed with an erection while the girls get on top of him and indulge in the act for a minute or two in turns. There is loads of cheerleading going on and porn plays in the background to keep Hugh all excited during the session. Above all, it is an entirely unsafe affair as Hefner doesn’t care to use protection.

When asked whether he uses a lot of Viagra in an interview for The New York Times, Hugh candidly replied, « I make love a couple of times a week, and I take the Via-gra when I’m going to be making love. I would say at 84 it helps. It’s God’s little helper. »(God’s little helper he called it, can you believe it?)

Satisfying so many women in a row seems like an exhausting task, doesn’t it? Hefner found his youth in Via-gra and that’s what keeps him going (or rather say doing) at the ripe age of 86. If you are a libidinous Grandpa or are suffering from ED just go the Hefner way, pop some Via-gra and have some fun. Get your woman to crave for more with a dose of Generic Viagra. The erection will last long enough to keep it up for hours on end.

Don’t be shy and simply Buy Viagra. Indulge in ultimate pleasure by finding youth till the end of days. And if you don’t mind write a line or two of your own in the book of erotica. Aphrodite is sure to bless you then.
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