Various Impotence Treatments Revealed

Various Impotence Treatments Revealed
Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a prevalent problem in many parts of the world. It is a condition characterized by an inability to obtain an erection or even maintain it long enough in which case sexual pleasure would be curtailed. This is one condition that is feared by men all over the world and therefore it comes as no surprise that quite a large number of cases go unreported. After all, it can be a very embarrassing condition. This problem has led to breakup of homes, decreased efficiency at workplaces, broken relationships, loss of self esteem and even depression. It is therefore reassuring to acknowledge that there are numerous impotence treatments that would at least remedy the situation.
One thing that you will acknowledge is that the appropriateness of the impotence treatment is pegged on the particular cause of the condition. Truth to be told, impotence in itself may not be a disease or an ailment. In most cases, it signals at an underlying condition, which could be more serious. In this case, it is always important that you also pay attention to the factors that could have led to the condition. These could include unhealthy lifestyles, surgical procedures gone awry, stress, depression, use and abuse of particular medications and substances as well as lack of particular nutrients.

* Some of the impotence treatments are as follows.
Penile prosthesis: Penile prosthesis is a surgical procedure which involves two varied processes. You could have bendable or malleable rods implanted into the sexual organ. This keeps the sexual organ erect at any given time, which saves the individual the trouble of lifting it during sexual intercourse. However, it is disadvantageous in that the sexual organ would remain rigid at any given time, which could be very uncomfortable for the individual. Alternatively, you could have inflatable devices installed in the penile area in which case you would have much control over the erection. You would only have to pump air into the devices thereby getting the sexual organ erect. Two cylinders, a pump and a reservoir are surgically implanted in the area with the cylinders being in the penis. Penile prosthesis however is considered mostly when the other methods are ineffective.

* Hormone therapy: This therapy is mostly done when the impotence is as a result of hormones like testosterone. In some cases, the condition is caused by reduced sex drive resulting from low levels of testosterone. The therapy would boost testosterone levels thereby increasing the sex drive and achieving sexual intercourse. As stated earlier, the appropriate impotence treatments are determined by the patient’s mental and physical conditions and therefore there is no uniformity as to the appropriate treatment for every individual.

* Use of prescription drugs: Use of prescription drugs is one of the most commonly used impotence treatments. Erectile dysfunction can be traced to high blood pressure. In this case, most medications are made up of substances with the capacity to lower the blood pressure. More often than not, prescription drugs contain elements that have the capacity to stimulate the production of nitric oxide, which lowers the flow of blood. It is important to acknowledge however that most of these drugs come with undesirable reactions and side effects, which may actually cause lasting erectile dysfunction. This spells doom for healthy individuals who use these drugs just for pleasure rather than treating impotence. It is also advisable that one takes caution when buying over the counter medications since you can never be sure about their safety.

* Natural impotence treatments: These have actually been some of the most preferred treatments mainly due to their simplicity and effectiveness. They involve exercising more to improve blood flow by unclogging the blood vessels, use of herbs such as ginkgo, use of vitamin supplements, fruits and vegetables (watermelons and garlic have been particularly very effective) as well as lifestyle changes such as drinking less caffeine and alcohol and giving up smoking. Not only would these enhance your sex drive, but they would also improve an individual’s general health.
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