Types of Pharmacy

Types of Pharmacy
There are multiple types of pharmacies as per the area these are located and as per the work environment.

Understanding the different kinds of Pharmacies:

Retail Pharmacy – The retail pharmacy is the known to be one of the most common type of pharmacy. It is commonly known as pharmacy shop or chemist shop. A retail pharmacist typically works in a shop that provides people with medicines as per the advice of qualified doctors.

Hospital Pharmacy-This type of pharmacy is located in a hospital or nursing homes. Hospital pharmacies works in close collaboration with health professionals in the hospital.

Compounding Pharmacy – Main job of compounding pharmacy is to produce and prepare new forms of medicines. Forms of medicines include formulation as powder, tablet solution or liquid. Such pharmacy can work in a community, or even a residential-based setting, this entirely depends on the way it has been formed.

Clinical Pharmacy – These pharmacies are located in nursing homes, hospitals and medical centers.

Consulting Pharmacy – The aim of this type of pharmacy is to review the medications instead of giving out the medicines. Consultant pharmacists are known to serve in nursing homes or they even visit patients to provide the services, to ensure that they are able to use the prescribed drugs in an effective manner.

Ambulatory Pharmacy – It is mobile form of pharmacy. It is useful to serve patients residing in far flung areas. It helps reducing hospital visits of patients.

Regulatory Pharmacy – This form of pharmacy is generally regulated by the government. The role regulatory pharmacy is to set rules to promote safe usage of medicines.

Home Care Pharmacy – It is primarily related to injectable form medicines which could be delivered to critical patients at home.

Online Pharmacy – Internet is also used as medium to sell medicines online. Online pharmacies do require valid prescription to sell the drugs.

Veterinary Pharmacy – Veterinary or Animal pharmacies keep stocks of medicines required for treatment of animals
Pharmacy is changing continuously and will continue to change. Only one thing is not changed i.e. compounding which is an integral part of pharmacy.

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