Top Hair Loss Product Research: Procerin Vs Propecia

Top Hair Loss Product Research: Procerin Vs Propecia
Male pattern baldness is caused when testosterone turns into DHT or dihydrotestosterone, and it can become apparent in males as young as 18 years old. It is a natural process and Procerin vs Propecia are two treatment protocols which can address this problem. If you suffer from hair loss perhaps you want to take a look at these two options?

They block the body’s ability to naturally manufacture DHT and this creates a reprieve from baldness. Either reversing the pattern or preventing any further damage! They are made for use by men only and Procerin can be purchase from your local pharmacy, over the counter while Propecia has to be prescribed by a doctor.

A natural mixture of herbs, minerals and vitamins is used in the manufacture of Propecia, it works best if used between ages eighteen and forty when the signs of baldness are just starting. It is specifically formulated for men and although these natural substances won’t harm women, there is no evidence available to support any evidence of hair loss prevention in them. It has however proven to slow and even prevent baldness in men.

As far as Propecia is concerned it is a completely different story. This drug, is manufactured by a large pharmaceutical company it is FDA approved but also dangerous. Pregnant women should not handle it as it can cause abnormalities of the male genitals in a fetus. It is even considered to be dangerous for all females to handle, so they definitely cannot use it for hair loss.

This drug is very dangerous to women, it should never be taken by them and women who are pregnant should not even handle this drug as it can cause abnormalities of the sex organs in a male fetus.

When this drug was tested it was found to have an amazing side effect, it reversed the effect of male pattern baldness, and both of these drugs are FDA approved for the treatment of this condition. In fact they are the first products to be approved. If you compare Procerin vs Propecia they are both natural solutions for male hair loss where one can work better then the other one.
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