The Inside Facts About Male Impotence

The Inside Facts About Male Impotence
Male impotence is the inability of men to perform sexual intercourse due to inability to obtain an erection or the inability to sustain it. It is also called as erectile dysfunction. Male impotence is a depressing condition as it hurts the ego of men. One should realize that it is just another ailment and anyone can experience this condition. The situation for the victims is not as depressing as was for the victims in the past. A lot of research has been carried out on the subject to find out the causes and various kinds of treatments and remedies. These victims are reluctant to discuss the issue, but they should contact a relevant and trusted physician. In fact, the victims who realize this condition at the earlier stages may be able to reverse this condition just with some routine remedies. What is more encouraging is the fact that these victims today can find the information on remedies and treatment for impotence without having to discuss with anybody because of the privilege this generation is having with access to the internet.

It helps to understand the process of erection. When a man come in contact with opposite sex, imagine having sex with a woman, has some explicit thoughts, if he sees a woman nude in images, reel or real or for that matter sees someone indulging in the act, the message is sent to the brain, which in turn send the signals to the related nerves around the penis. This message leads to relaxation of soft spongy muscles in the penis and the additional blood is pumped into these muscles leading to ballooning of the penis. It is just the way you inflate a balloon with air. Another pair of muscles on the back of the penis acts as valves and contract to hold the blood in the penis to sustain the erection. Proper blood flow to the penis is essential to obtain an erection. If there is any obstacle in blood flow, there will be a problem in obtaining erection. Narrowing of the blood vessels will impede the erection.

The causes for male impotence could be different. Some men may be impotent by birth and it is called primary impotence. Others may acquire impotence at various stages of their lives and this condition is called secondary impotence. Secondary impotence may be acquired at various stages of life because of various factors or combination of these factors like obesity, lack of physical activity, frequent use of food that is high in fat and cholesterol, negative habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs, chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure to name a few, and any injury caused to the pelvic among others may lead to impotence.

Negative factors in routine life such as stress, worries, fear, guilt, depression, fatigue, tiredness, anxiety also causes problems with erectile dysfunction. This is the leading cause of impotence in young men. One should try best to avoid these negative situations in our daily lives.
A healthy lifestyle is what is needed to avoid impotence in first place as well as to cure the problem. If you do not have chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure and have impotence because of the obesity and lack of exercise, you should start exercising immediately and cut on food that is high in cholesterol and fat. You should increase the intake of vegetable and make it a point to eat seasoned fruits regularly. Fruits are not only tasty, but they are healthy. At the same time, cutback on negative habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, using drugs and eating tobacco.
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