The Causes and Cures of Impotence Erectile Dysfunction

The Causes and Cures of Impotence Erectile Dysfunction
Quite a large number of men suffer from impotence or erectile dysfunction. While there may be some age groups where this problem is more pronounced, almost every age group is affected, albeit at varying degrees.

Complicating the issue more is the fact that impotence is also associated with depression whether as a cause or as a result. This means that impotence would result in anxiety and stress at home, work and even in the relationships that one is involved.

It is a fact that male impotence or erectile dysfunction results in lower self esteem, reduced motivation to work, relationship turmoil, poor self image and even embarrassment. Unfortunately, quite a large number of cases go unreported and therefore untreated mainly due to the embarrassment one would suffer. Erectile dysfunction may result from a number of factors. In the same way, there are quite a large number of remedies available to treat the problem.

Impotence or erectile dysfunction refers to the inability or difficulty in achieving an erection as well as maintaining one consistently for a period of time. There is actually nothing to be worried about if your loved one or even you are unable to attain an erection occasionally. This is actually very normal. It becomes a problem when you are consistently unable to achieve an erection in which case your sex life would be in jeopardy. One would appreciate the fact that erectile dysfunction is quite a treatable condition. However, for the appropriate treatment to be advanced, it is always important to look at the causes or the underlying problem. In fact, impotence is in most cases is recognized as an indicator of an underlying problem or disorder.

There are various things that could cause male impotence, which are as follows:

* Being overweight and not exercising: In most cases, impotence erectile dysfunction results from the accumulation of too much fat in the body. The fat stored in the subcutaneous layer of the skin causes a constriction of the blood vessels in which case the supply of blood to the sex organ would be limited. This makes it hard for the sex organ to become engorged since not enough blood reaches the penis.

* Substance abuse (drugs and alcohol): Alcohol is known to deposit fat in the subcutaneous layer. Prescription and non-prescription drugs are known to alter functioning of the brain and the entire central nervous system thereby modifying the stimulation or the messages sent to the brain. In some cases, they block penile arteries leading to impotence.

Other causes could include surgical procedures on the pelvic area that damages the nerves, sickness, depression, stress, diseases, diabetes and atherosclerosis (artery plaque caused by obesity, bad diet and genetics) reducing the blood flow.

Quite a large number of treatments for impotence erectile dysfunction have been devised. These include:
Prescription medication: These have been the most common remedies for impotence or erectile dysfunction. However, it is important to acknowledge that most of the prescription drugs come with side effects, some of which include increased heart rate, upset stomach, headaches, vision problems, liver dysfunction, low blood pressure and even erectile dysfunction. This underlines the danger posed by the use of sex enhancing drugs in order to improve your sex life. It could actually have negative effects.

Natural cures are also available with changing your lifestyle. These include exercising, eating a balanced diet, incorporating vegetables and fruits (more watermelons and garlic), reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption as well as taking some vitamin supplements. There are also quite a large number of herbs known to treat male impotence or erectile dysfunction. These include Ginkgo Biloba herbs and Asian ginseng.
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