Symptoms of Male Impotence

Symptoms of Male Impotence
Erectile dysfunction is a condition which is usually found in older men. However, some young males also suffer from this male impotence. This condition does not allow a man to have an erection during sexual intercourse. If an erection does occur, maintaining it may be extremely difficult. This male impotence does not only affect a man’s sexual life, but also affects his confidence levels and self esteem. Most men are embarrassed to consult a doctor about this and therefore leave the condition untreated.

What men need to understand is that there is no harm in discussing male impotence with a doctor. Besides this, there are many cures available for the condition. In fact, sometimes, you might not even have to take any kind of medication to solve the condition. The condition could be cured through psychotherapy because a man’s emotions effects his sexual performance, or by changing some habits like drinking or smoking.

Some men ignore the signs of an erectile dysfunction and it is obvious why-they find it hard to accept that they are facing such problems however. One must not ignore the signs of this condition. If you do ignore the signs of impotence, there are chances that it might become too severe and the treatment time might be longer. Therefore, it is advised that you be aware when your body lets you know of such changes and that you get an opinion about it from a doctor right away. To make the recognition of these symptoms easier for you, we will be discussing a few of them.
Firstly, you need to understand that there is no medical test available to confirm whether you are in fact suffering from erectile dysfunction. A specialist is able to determine whether this condition is affecting you by evaluating the symptoms you tell them and by assessing the factors that cause this impotence to exist.

The first main symptom of male impotence is the inability of having an erection or maintaining an erection. You need to understand that just because you can’t have an erection, doesn’t mean that you are suffering from this condition. Sometimes, the problem is not physical, but is psychological instead. In order to determine whether this is a physical ailment or a psychological one, you can monitor the erections you have at night. If you have erections normally at night, the cause of this problem might be psychological and not physical.

If, however, you don’t have an erection at all, you are suffering from erectile dysfunction. If you have an erection for even a little while on alternative days, there may be other issues such as drug use, excessive drinking, smoking, obesity or heart disease. Most of these can be treated by a doctor. But if you never have an erection, it is a point of concern and needs immediate medical attention from a trained specialist.

There are many drugs that doctors might recommend to cure the condition. If the cause of the condition is one of the above mentioned causes, the drugs might have an effect immediately. But if there is some serious issue which causes this male impotence, there may be a need for further medical testing and the use of many kinds of drugs and medication to find a cure. Sometimes, psychotherapy can be a cure for male impotence, particularly for people who are stressed. Surprisingly, psychotherapy has cured many individuals suffering from this problem and has allowed people to continue with their lives as though nothing ever happened.

People in our society lack awareness and confidence to discuss the problems they have. Open discussion needs to be encouraged and friends and family need to be supportive so that people can find treatment for their problems.
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