Some Common Misconceptions about Levitra

Some Common Misconceptions about Levitra
Levitra along with Viagra and cialis is among the most popular erectile dysfunction medications in the world. Each use a different chemical component that are known as PDE5 inhibitors. In levitra’s case it’s known as vardenafil. PDE5 inhibitors enable men to regain the ability to achieve erections that were otherwise not possible because of ED. erectile dysfunction is usually caused because of insufficient blood supply into the penis. So by using vardenafil the blood supply into the penis is boosted by inhibiting c-GMP thus releasing nitric oxide which relaxes the muscles in the penile region and triggering vasodilation. However there still exist many misconceptions about the way levitra is supposed to work. In this article we look to tackle few of those misconceptions and clear them up once and for all.

1) It’s a pill not a genie
Many men pop their pill of generic levitra super active and then expect an immediate erection. Sadly medications are not genie’s that will grant your wish immediately. It takes time to show its effectiveness. Usually in the case of ED medications it usually takes 30-45 minutes. However is the fastest ac ting of all PDE5 inhibitors and usually kicks in 10-25 minutes after consumption.

2) They are not aphrodisiacs
By eating a pill you are not going to experience any arousal. It’s not an aphrodisiac. All it does is allows you to have an erection when you are mentally aroused. The mentally aroused part you have to achieve on your own. But what it does make you experience is erections that are hard and lasting as opposed to the usual erections you experience.

3) You don’t get ‘longer’ erections by taking more pills
There have been many cases of men taking more than the specified levitra dosage to enhance their experience only to be left embarrassed with hilariously long erections and visit to the emergency room. I mean hilarious for us. Painful and embarrassing for those who experience it. So stick to the prescribed dosage which is one pill a day.

It’s important to remember that medications such as levitra are not cures rather a short term solution. They won’t completely get rid of your ED but will allow you to be able to get erections and enjoy sex. There are offers like levitra coupon that will enable you buy them at greatly reduced rates when buying online.
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