Schools To Inquire For Pharmacy Technician Certification

Schools To Inquire For Pharmacy Technician Certification
Sometimes, some pharmacy technicians, even those with pharmacy technician certification, have doubts about whether they matter in the place their working at. It might be true, especially those that, in spite of their certification, couldn’t seem to get any worthwhile jobs as pharmacy technicians even if reports indicate that there’s a growing need for them. They’re wondering if they are really needed or will they be laid off just like those millions of other jobs that were lost due to the state of the economy recently.

They may think that even though they have pharmacy technician certification, no company is hiring them. There are also instances that some technicians may feel that pharmacists are taking them for granted. It takes a survey sponsored by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board to finally have a more concrete answer on the importance of pharmacy technicians for the pharmacists they’re working for.

The PTCB-sponsored survey showed that 80% of the pharmacists surveyed acknowledged that pharmacy technician certification helps in « reducing medication errors, ensuring patient safety, and increasing positive health outcomes ». Because a pharmacy technician certification is the proof that the technician who has earned it is well-trained, highly qualified and certified to be able to take care of the needs of patients, pharmacists are able to spend more time and focus in direct patient care. The most credible people who can tell us the value of pharmacy technicians and their pharmacy technician certification are the pharmacists themselves.

Thanks to this survey, there is now a more concrete evidence on the fact that pharmacy technician certification is important for pharmacy technicians and for the pharmacists that are employing them. This is the reason why many pharmacists prefer hiring pharmacy technicians that are certified by the PTCB. Another reason why pharmacy technician certification is important to pharmacists is because of malpractice lawsuits. Litigations are rampant in the United States nowadays, as lawsuits are filed everyday, wherein before, disputes are settled through discussions and medications.

The healthcare industry is especially vulnerable to this « lawsuits mania » because of the many malpractice lawsuits being filed whenever something wrong happened during the course of the healthcare assistance process, may they be unfounded accusations or not. As protection against potential lawsuits that may be filed in the future, pharmacists and other healthcare providers prefer to hire employees that are formally trained and certified by highly regarded certifying organizations, because a certification means their employees are competent in their jobs.

If pharmacy technician certification is that important to pharmacists and other employers, a pharmacy technician should definitely view a certification as very important for his career, too. Although a high school diploma or its equivalent is the only requirement to be a pharmacy technician, different State Pharmacy Boards will soon require all pharmacy technicians be formally trained and certified first.

The survey showed that these pharmacists that don’t appreciate certified pharmacy technicians are decreasing in number. Additionally, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the need for pharmacy technicians will continue to increase in the coming years. This is also proof that pharmacy technicians are very much needed in the pharmaceutical industry for the foreseeable future.
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