Raising Your Pharmacy Technician Salary: Here’s How

Raising Your Pharmacy Technician Salary: Here’s How
A family can expect a stable source of income with a pharmacy technician salary. Pharmacy technician salary rate is based on a candidate’s experiences and qualifications. The longer your experience, the higher rate you get. Aside from this, a pharmacy technician certification will also mean higher rate for some pharmacy technicians. Most employers don’t require a certification but it can be a factor in considering salary rates. It’s no wonder why certified pharmacy technicians receive higher salary. In addition, better pay also awaits you when hired by big time pharmaceutical companies. Working in hospitals can also means higher pharmacy technician salary.

There are a number of employers who are willing and able to give additional benefits to the pharmacy technicians they employ. Some companies are willing to offer performance bonuses, too, as well as sales commissions and company profit sharing. There will be differences in these additional benefits, as each employer has its own business plans. Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report, the pharmacy technician salary for those that are just starting their careers is $ 28,500 annually. Some technicians receive salary increase up to $ 32,000 because they stayed on the job for three years. Still, it’s not surprising to hear some pharmacy technicians receiving as high as $ 38,000 from larger companies.

Certified pharmacy technicians usually are hired first by a prospective employer, and their salary rate is usually higher compared to non-certified technicians who receive lower pharmacy technician salary. Consider taking your certification with the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians or the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, because studies shows that certified technicians receive higher pharmacy technician salary compared to those that are not yet certified, with salaries going as high as $ 44,200 annually. A degree in higher education is not as important as taking formal pharmacy technician training and being certified by a respected institution, as these are still the most important factors in determining your salary.

The industry they worked in also plays a part in determining pharmacy technician salary. Reports way back in 2008 indicates that if you wanted to earn between $ 25,980 and $ 26,660 in annual pharmacy technician salary, you should’ve applied in department and large retail chain stores. Pharmacy technicians working in grocery stores and hospitals receive $ 28,490 and $ 32,180, respectively. In these industries, expect to receive higher salaries if you’re working in the Federal Government, in dentist offices, and in some research companies. Different places in the US give different salary rates. As of 2008, the highest paying states in the US were Alaska at $ 36,240 and California with $ 36,100 on average.

Pharmacy technicians, like in other jobs, want to succeed in their careers and one way of gaining that is by getting promoted. An entry-level technician may be promoted to intermediary pharmacy technician after being on the job for three years. Once you’re promoted to an intermediary technician position, you can earn about $ 31,500 to $ 39,000. Once you’ve acquired enough experience, at least 6 years working, you are now eligible for promotion to a supervisory position. As a supervisor, your salary will be between $ 41,300 and $ 53,100, but it can go as high as $ 60,000 annually. The pharmacy technician salary may not be that much, but still, many people choose to take this as their career because they enjoy being in the « helping business ». Nothing beats a sense of stable job security because if the ever growing needs for pharmacy technicians.
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