Hair loss: hair importance, available options and picking best for yourself

Hair loss: hair importance, available options and picking best for yourself
Hairs from the most important thing when it comes to looking good. For both sexes, men and women, there are hundreds of hairstyle available in beautician’s hair style list. Hairs are important for not only looks and presentation, but also for self confidence. No beauty contest can be considered successful without keeping hair looks, style, healthiness etc. As an important factor to judge. Guys don’t like women with thin hairs or unhealthy hairs. For women it doesn’t matter if men shed their hairs in a barber shop, but they don’t like men with bald head. So, healthy and glowing hairs are very important to get the attraction of opposite sex.

Besides looks and appearance, hairs are also important biologically. Hairs protect us from both heat and cold. They act as insulators in cold by trapping body heat and keeping it close to the skin. Hairs forms one of the most important organs of our senses. The hair motion when the body moves from its place makes our brain understands the direction and act accordingly. Hairs protect us from pollution and other unwanted substances. And they help in the testing excessive amount of unwanted heavy metals in our body, like lead, arsenic, mercury etc. The concentration of these heavy metals in hairs is around 10 times more than that found in blood or urine. Hairs protect us against ultraviolet radiations and deflect debris. And this is one of the utmost important protection we should have.

So, in all respects hairs are important to us. Going bald is worst, and having thick and glowing hairs is the best. We have to take hair care seriously. In order to care hairs we need to understand the available options and figure out the best way for you. Remember, like figure prints, hairs are also different for everyone. But they can be classified into few types and groups. And they care for them will definitely be different, less or more, but it will be different.

Most of us born with healthy hairs. But few people are not lucky enough. In such cases, looking for doctors help seems to be the best option. A good dermatologist can understand the root cause of problem and handle the situation in the best way. In most cases, people face hair loss in post teenager life, after 30-35 years of age. Most people think that the reason of their baldness is excessive hair fall, but this is not the truth. We all have hair fall, more or less, equally fall ratio. The truth is that people get bald because their hair regrowth has been blocked. The reason for the same could be one or more from the long list of baldness causes. The reasons are various from intake of improper food, less of no cure for hairs, side effect of certain medication, the result of some disease or something else. So, to take care of your hair in good way, you need to understand the cause of your baldness. In most of the cases only good doctors can tell the accurate cause, and that only after questioning rounds and medical tests.

In most cases, doctors prescribe most common medication for baldness, such as Proscar, Avodart, Rogaine, Propecia etc. These medications are approved by FDA and are in use for several years, rather I should say decades. They all work on a similar mechanism of action which lowers down the DHT level. The higher DHT level is the main and most common cause of stopping hair regrowth. The branded form of these medications is higher in price, so going for generic form seems to be a wise idea. Remember you have not consulted your doctor before going for these medications.
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