Propecia: what you need to know about

Propecia: what you need to know about
Propecia was initially a drug used to treat enlarged prostates, which in 1997 was approved to treat also male pattern baldness. At the moment is one of the most effective treatments available against hair loss. But most of the patients are unaware about the long term negative consequences this drug can have.
Important things to know
Propecia works by preventing a man’s body from converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for the hair loss. In order to see the results a patient should take a pill every day for at least three months.
The product does not contain any warning about permanent side effects and when the DFA approved it they were also unaware of the possible long term or even permanent sexual dysfunctions it can cause. But recent studies have shown that otherwise healthy men faced a series of problems after taking the drug. Some of these problems are strictly physical ones, but depression was also reported. More importantly side effects seem to be more persistent than expected and last even after the treatment was interrupted.
Propecia lawsuits
When a person became aware of the problems he is facing after taking Propecia he might feel betrayed by the manufacturing company and might want to file legal claims. A Propecia lawsuit is a product liability lawsuit, meaning that the claim is based on the fact that the company manufactured a defective product or that they failed to warn their clients about side effects.
The company can be held responsible because:
* they should have known that the drug increases the risk of permanent sexual dysfunctions
* they should have known that the side effects can persist even after a person stopped taking the medicine
* they should have made warning labels more accurate
In order to have a valid claim every person should prove that taking Propecia caused him long lasting actual damages. Simply taking the medicine will not be enough for a legal claim. Since the damages are serious, patients have the right to file a personal injury claim.
Filing a lawsuit will not solve anyone’s medical problems, but at least can bring them some compensation for their sufferings and maybe force the manufacturing company to treat its clients with more responsibility.
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