Premature Ejaculation: Causes And Treatments

Premature Ejaculation: Causes And Treatments
Did you know that more than 24 percent of Australian men confirmed that during that they had a problem of controlling their orgasms, while responding to the National sex survey conducted by the department of health? Doctors’ claim that almost 25-30 percent of all males around the globe, suffer from this condition.
While so many males around the world are suffering from this condition, it cannot be regarded as a disease since all the body parts are functioning normally. It is a condition where a human male cannot hold his orgasm for longer periods of time. The only problem is that medically there is no stipulated time period which differentiates normal orgasm to a premature ejaculation.
An American research paper presented in front of The Congress of the European Society for Sexual Medicine, an American reported that the average lasting time of men with this condition was 1.8 minutes while healthy men did not reach their orgasms for an average of 7.3 minutes. Still people complain of this ailment because any case where a male reaches his orgasm before his partner can be considered the same. It can range from ejaculation during foreplay to ejaculation during penetration.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation
Medically there are no known causes for premature ejaculation. It is a natural condition which occurs due to years of evolution. During the Stone Age, men had to reach their orgasms quickly to reproduce and gain the strength of number. So it may be due to genetic factors but latest studies show that the nervous system causes premature ejaculation. If a male is nervous, worried or excited, he is bound to reach his orgasm before his partner. People with insatiable sex drives are known to ejaculate earlier than other males.
Superficially it may seem to be harmless but it destroys many marriages throughout the world. People having a premature ejaculation always suffer from low self esteem. They cannot satisfy their partners which lead to rift between them. The stress of not being able to last longer makes a patient even more nervous before the actual act.
Treatment of Premature Ejaculation
Over the years, different type of techniques and treatment plans has been developed. While a type of treatment may work for a patient, others may not even respond to it. The treatment includes both medicinal and non medicinal ways of ensuring that a person lasts longer during a sexual act.
Some of the non medicinal treatments include techniques that help such cases. A start and stop technique is a very common exercise which involves stopping the movement if the male has an indication about his orgasm. Once the feeling continues, he may continue.
Other commonly used technique is the squeeze technique which involves pressing the head of the penis of some seconds. This pressure curbs the desire to ejaculate. Both of the above said techniques only work with the mutual consent of the partner and practice over a long period of time. One actually trains his mind to control himself by such methods.
In case someone is looking for an instant solution medicines may help. Pharmacists have developed chemical compositions that allow a man to delay his orgasms for as long as half an hour. Such medicines squeeze the sperm duct and allow a man to enjoy his sexual act for a prolonged time period. Some of such medicines are inhibitors and sexual steroids. Certain anti depressants also help as they are known to delay the orgasm.
Doctors advise that one should not worry about his performance and should enjoy the act. This would help him connect with his body and his partner as well.
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