Pharmacy Technicians Earn Great Pay Working Alongside Pharmacists

Pharmacy Technicians Earn Great Pay Working Alongside Pharmacists
The choice of one’s career is an important matter. This is because, for the most parts, what you decide to practice in will become your source of livelihood for many years to come. It is therefore important that you properly analyze many options as well as take salient factors into consideration. You will for instance want to determine where your interest lies in. The best jobs are those where you actually enjoy doing what needs to be done. You should also look into jobs that are broad and long term in use. Being able to spin a burning stick might be an occupation, but it won’t get you far.

When it comes to choosing an occupation there are several genres which have proven to be most lucrative and in demand. Medicine and pharmacy is one such genre. Contrary to the belief of many, there are many jobs available in the career of medicine and pharmacology. Being a pharmacy technician is one of these.

Pharmacy technicians, as the name obviously suggest, work under and alongside a pharmacist in carrying out the duties and running of the pharmacy. They are there to provide the pharmacist with vital assistance. To this end they are tasked with many responsibilities. The type of work which a pharmacy technician does will depend on where he is employed. This might be a hospital, a local pharmacy, an online pharmacy store, a pharmacy company or even the government. For example, pharmacy technicians who are employed in an internet pharmacy attend to the labeling and stocking of drugs and ensure that only the right drugs are issued.

It is possible to become a pharmacy technician with on the job training. However, most employers prefer those who possess some form of official certification proving the applicants expertise in this field. There are many exams which can be taken to improve your qualification. The ICPT (Institute of certification of Pharmacy technicians) handles one of these, however the Pharmacy Technician Certification board is the oldest and most recognized in this area. Most certifications require that the pharmacy technician renews his certification by writing the exam periodically–i.e. over two or more years.

Being a pharmacy technician provides a good source of living. Statistics show that the average salary of pharmacy technicians is found to be $ 30,000. Pharmacy technicians who chose to work over the weekend are found to earn even more. Experienced Pharmacy technicians attract higher salary figures. Given the high demand on pharmacies, it is considered to be very likely that role of Pharmacy technicians will improve calling for more duties. This will undoubtedly result in an increase in the average salary. There are many paths towards a career as a pharmacy technician; however there is only one sure method of success.
Like all professions, you will need to be dedicated and hard working to your job. It will therefore help, as previously stated, if you actually do like your job.
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