Pharmacy Technician Certification

Pharmacy Technician Certification
Pharmacy Technicians are in great demand today and so are Pharmacy Technician Training Programs. Highly specialized training is required to work in the medical profession, but Pharmacy Technician training can be completed in just a few months. A Pharmacy Technician performs a wide variety of duties at a pharmacy under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Therefore, pharmacy techs must know the names of drugs and other ingredients. There are many medications prepared for customers and this list is often checked by the pharmacist before it goes to patient. A pharmacy tech usually carries out the administrative duties like cashier and behind the counter work as they cannot give medical advice and information to customers.

Pharmacy Technician certification is practically a requirement if you want to work in pharmacy toady. Many vocational schools and community colleges offer pharmacy technician certification programs, and in a matter of few months you can have the training under your belt. In some areas you must perform an internship before actually working as full time pharmacy tech. Training and certification is very important for a pharmacy tech. All states require that pharmacy techs be certified.,

pharmacy technician training programs can be found at many community colleges, hospital programs, vocational schools and private institutes. There are some pharmacies which will hire students and train them for 9 months. Pharmacy technician training programs usually include basic chemistry and pharmaceutical nomenclature as well as a good bit of basic inventory, bookkeeping and other business-related functions. While the cost of a pharmacy tech training program is several thousand dollars, most schools offer student financial aid to all eligible students.

Pharmacy Technician Continuing Education is mandated in most states where licensure is required. Continuing education classes are usually required on an annual or biennial basis.

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