Pharmacy Technician Certification Enrolement

Pharmacy Technician Certification Enrolement
Thanks to rapid technological advancement in science and medicine, the pharmaceutical industry is producing better medications. More often, improved medicines are coming out into the market, even new ones like the vaccine for the A(H1N1) virus. There are latest medical procedures and new ways of healing ailments, and more people are taking part in these. With the rapid developments and advancements in medical science, the federal governments are making sure the healthcare professionals are competent in providing healthcare to their patients.

Soon enough, all States will have legislations requiring that all incoming pharmacy technicians be formally trained and certified first before being hired in entry-level positions. Your pharmacy technician certification is your proof that you have passed the stringent qualifications set by the certifying body, proof that you are skilled and knowledgeable about the different pharmacy concepts, the duties and responsibilities that you’re expected to do. Licensed pharmacists are relying more on pharmacy technicians for support because more people, particularly the aging population, are requiring assistance on their medication and prescription concerns.

Pharmacists in turn, will seek the assistance of pharmacy technicians and technicians with certification are their preference. The two highly regarded national organizations that award pharmacy technician certification are the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT). If you pass any of these two bodies’ exams, you will be considered as a certified pharmacy technician. The United States is a place where patients almost always expect good results every time they go to a healthcare practitioner and any thing less often result in lawsuits for medical malpractice.

By hiring only certified pharmacy technicians, pharmacists are decreasing the chances of potential lawsuits against them being successful because the employees they’ve hired are considered highly competent because of their certification. In the case of the PTCB, the pharmacy technician certification exam is overseen by the highly regarded company, Pearson VUE. You personally must show up at any Pearson VUE Professional Centers in the country to take this electronic exam. There are no other requirements to take the certification exam other than paying the necessary fees and having at least a high school diploma or its equivalent.

You will be tested on your knowledge about the different clinical and administrative duties and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician. You should know by now that you will find it easier to pass the certification exam if you’ve completed a good pharmacy technician training program, better than just relying on your on-the-job experiences only. The different tasks and responsibilities of pharmacy technicians always change over time. These changing responsibilities coincide with the growing number of patients that needs assistance from pharmacists in their medication and prescription requirements.

Recipients of pharmacy technician certification took it upon themselves to be certified for their patients’ sake, not just for themselves or for the employers who hired them, because a certification is their proof of competence. Patients are confident that the persons serving them, the certified pharmacy technicians, are capable and competent because they’ve passed certain qualification standards set by the certifying body. Because of these, employers reward their certified pharmacy technicians with better career advancement opportunities, higher salaries, and additional benefits.
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