Male Impotence Remedies at Old Age

Male Impotence Remedies at Old Age
As a man’s age advances, his body’s functionality decreases and so does his libido. Although there are cases of young men and those in their middle ages suffering from impotence, the elderly, especially aged from sixty onwards are at a higher risk of suffering from male impotence. Luckily, there are several remedies that can be applied to reverse this situation. What remedy you should choose depends on the cause of your condition. It is always good to determine the cause of a condition before deciding on the remedy.

Some people tend to believe that since it is natural to lose one’s libido when old, then there is no big deal if you become impotent. This is very false especially if you still have your childhood sweetheart, however frail she may be, sex once in a while has no harm, when taking the vow in the church you declare to the whole world « for better, or for worse. » It is for this reason that you should enjoy your « sexual pension » in peace and not let erectile dysfunctions mess things up at old age.

You have to exercise. Just simply because everything is done for you and all you do is walk around with your head held high giving instructions here and there does not mean that you need to equally forfeit on your responsibility of keeping fit. You need to constantly visit the gym and try to work and let the blood flow from your wise head up to the other wiser one down. Exercises at an advanced age are highly recommended because, due to the lower metabolic rate, blood circulation is usually slow and without it in the penis, there can never be an erection. Don’t get to the gym and try on those heavy machines meant for body builders, but light ones for the sake of your own fitness.

Eat well. The foods you eat at old age may lead to impotence and there is need for you to eat food rich in energy and vitamins. Fresh vegetables and fruits helps open up the clotting blood in the veins and enhance blood circulation. When you are well nourished at your advanced age, not only will you keep of impotence but also, all other minor infections that have a special liking for weak people. Did you know that onions increases libido? Now you know. Onions help strengthen reproductive organs and hence give you that much needed desire for a lovely time with the love of your life.
You further need to keep you mind at peace; don’t let stress eat you up. If you have kids, it is time you let them worry about life, you already did your part and they should be in a position to take care of you. Stress among the old people risks the attack of psychological impotence and you need not to worry so much about some things.

You need to be in constant touch with your doctor. Feel free to share your sex life with your physician as he may prescribe some sex medicine for you, just in case you start failing to erect or failing to sustain the erection. More to that, you need constant medical checkups, especially for diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular and brain related ailments that are usually associated with impotence.

Whatever impotence remedies that would work for you, never forget that the future of your libido is in most cases is in your hands. You either lose it or keep it safe. If you drink, smoke and do other drugs, just know that you need to moderate the intake as they immensely contribute to impotence.
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