Male Impotence – a Common Problem Among Men of All Age Groups

Male Impotence – a Common Problem Among Men of All Age Groups
Impotence is otherwise called as erectile dysfunction. Male impotence is referred to as the incompetence of the male in achieving an erection. The male having difficulty in achieving an erection is called as impotent. This may be due to an unsatisfactory sexual experience, duration of erection and abnormalities of the penis, including its size and rigidity. This dreadful condition affects millions of the male population. The myth that impotence in males is caused by psychological stress alone is being proven as incorrect. It is estimated that about 80% to 90% of erectile dysfunction results from physical problems. The main reason for impotence in males is considered to be the blood supply to the penis. Insufficient blood supply to the arteries of the penis results in impotence.

Impotency sufferers are of two types: One group is unable to get an erection at all whereas the other group is able to get an erection but not firm enough required for penetration. Erectile dysfunction is most common among teenagers and young adults. The common reason for male impotence in young adults is either stress that comes with starting a new sexual relationship or smoking. Nicotine contained in the cigarettes is a known cause for narrowing the blood vessels, which includes the blood vessels to the penis. In the middle age men, diabetes and other diseases that reduce blood flow like coronary artery disease and stroke has contributed largely to the development of male impotence or erectile dysfunction.

In most cases, male impotence can be due to a combination of both physical and psychological factors. Psychological impotency can arise in a man if he is guilty with the sexual relationship, marital issues leading to divorce, exhausted, depressed, possess latent gayness where a gay try to make love with a woman etc. physical factors include hypertension, smoking, diabetes, obesity, recreational drugs, diseases of the nervous system, spinal cord or brain injury, hormone problems, major abdominal surgeries and drug side effects etc. Many men suffer the consequences and tolerate in silence without uttering their problems with anybody.

Sometimes, their wives may not be aware of this and may create a rift in the relationship. So, in order to salvage a marital relationship, an open conversation with the partner is the most essential part. A sexual performance score is available to those impotent males who experience some deterioration in the sexual performance and this is of great importance.
The outlooks of impotent males have improved over the ages as every single impotent male is given assurance to successfully return back to the normal satisfactory intercourse. The enormous treatment options available for male impotence are responsible for transforming the lives of impotent males to a normal one. Earlier, male impotency was considered as a taboo.

However, nowadays they discuss such taboo matters with their doctors for finding the best particular treatment available. Treatment of impotence mainly depends on its root cause. Moreover, the initial step in the treatment of impotency lies in the identification of factors causing it- whether physical or psychological. Depending on it, a treatment plan is prepared. If the psychological factor is the culprit, proper counseling to both partners, relationship counseling or psychotherapy is provided. Since ages, oral drugs have maintained their stable position in the treatment of male impotency. These drugs may prove to be beneficial for many when taken in prescribed doses and may have serious side effects in many especially patients suffering from coronary artery disease. The nitrates in the drugs used for the treatment of coronary artery interact with the potency enhancing drugs. Hence, prior to switching on to any impotence treatments, consult the concerned medical practitioner.
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