Looking to Pursue A Pharmacy Technician Career

Looking to Pursue A Pharmacy Technician Career
A pharmacy technician assists a licensed pharmacist and will works under his or her supervision to help fill prescriptions and perform other related pharmaceutical duties. The prescriptions prepared by the pharmacy technician will always be checked by the licensed pharmacist before the prescription is actually given to the patient.

A pharmacy technician’s duties may include: assisting the pharmacist with prescriptions by counting pills; the measuring of medications; putting labels on products; verifying prescriptions with doctors; managing patient records; tracking and verifying insurance information; helping patients with insurance forms. Pharmacy technicians do not consult with patients about their medication; that being the job of the licensed pharmacist.

There is a huge demand for pharmacy technicians making a career as a pharmacy technician a wise investment in education and time. Pharmacy technicians are not only trained to know about various drugs, but also to keep up with current pharmacy laws.

Training for a pharmacy technician career usually takes less than one year to complete, however ongoing training and will be required in order to maintain certification. This ongoing training will allow the pharmacy technician to maintain their certification and will aid the technician in keeping up with the newest drugs and laws. The requirements for becoming a pharmacy technician are a high school diploma or equivalent, taking the necessary training courses, passing the pharmacy technician certification exam, and 20 hours of ongoing training every two years. In many cases, the pharmacy technician will intern with a licensed pharmacist for experience in the field before acquiring a job.

The national average annual salary expectation for someone with a pharmacy technician career is a little over $ 20,000 to start with the opportunity for advancement or to specialize. This field is expected to grow in the next few years with career research experts predicting an increasing demand for pharmacy technicians. This increase is expected to grow over 28% over the next 10 years.

Most pharmacy technicians will work in retail pharmacies while others find work in hospitals, mail order pharmacies, government agencies, wholesale pharmacies, and even online pharmacies assisting licensed pharmacists with the filling of prescriptions.

The opportunities for advancement within a pharmacy technician career include careers in management, supervisory, training less experienced technicians, and specialties. Specialization can take you to a whole new salary scale. Some such specialties are: nuclear pharmacy technician, and chemo therapy technician. In some cases, a pharmacy technician will continue the education process into becoming a licensed pharmacist.
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