Levitra UK: A Potent Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Levitra UK: A Potent Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction
According to the Minnesota Men’s Health Centre (MMHC), the likelihood of erectile dysfunction (ED) increases with age. Reportedly, 39% of men above 40 and 65% of men above 65 worldwide suffer from this problem. Levitra UK is one of the popular drugs used to treat ED. Since the time the drug was launched in 2005 by Bayer Pharmaceuticals, it has shown amazing results and many men have given positive reviews of it.

Levitra UK: Erectile Dysfunction is on the Rise

The popularity of Levitra UK has reached great heights along with the rise in ED. The MMHC has found out the following reasons for increase in ED in 21st century:Previously, men would hesitate to talk about erectile dysfunction openly. However, with sexual awareness, more men have come to the forefront to discuss their medical problems. So, statistics of ED have correspondingly increased.As awareness of this problem has increased, the number of men who desire treatment has also increased.With the launch of every new medicine in the market, more men with this problem come forward as they get a new hope to get rid of their problem.Levitra UK: Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Here are some of the most common causes of ED:Low testosterone levelHigh blood sugar levelDepression and stressExcessive alcohol consumptionSmokingUsage of drugs to treat certain health conditions, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and sclerosis.Levitra UK: How it Works

Levitra works by blocking an enzyme called PDE5 in the bloodstream. In this process, it actually relaxes the blood vessels whose function is to pass blood to the sex organs. When combined with sufficient sexual stimulation, this drug causes blood to flow into the penis. Thus, it helps a man to achieve and sustain the erection. Normally, this drug remains effective for 36 hours after consumption. So, you can now spend a beautiful evening with your partner while preparing yourself for a romantic night!

Levitra UK: Who Should Not Take It?

People suffering from the following medical conditions should not take Levitra:Heart problemsChronic illnessHistory of kidney malfunction, liver disease and postural hypotensionStomach ulcersSevere vision loss in the pastSickle cell anaemia and leukaemiaExtra long erection problemMen over 75 years of age (unless prescribed by the doctor and on low dosage)Partially deformed penisUsage of other impotency drugsAllergy to the ingredients of this drug pharmacie montpellier levitra prix.