Level Up With Your Pharmacy Technician Salary

Level Up With Your Pharmacy Technician Salary
A pharmacy technician salary brings a stable income to the family. Pharmacy technician salary rate is based on a candidate’s experiences and qualifications. You salary rate is proportional to your working experience. Aside from this, a pharmacy technician certification will also mean higher rate for some pharmacy technicians. A certification, although not a requirement by most employers, plays a role in determining pharmacy technician salary. This certification is definitely a reason why certified pharmacy technicians are paid higher accordingly.

Experience is the key in order to receive higher salary, compared to the amount you started with. There are a number of employers who are willing and able to give additional benefits to the pharmacy technicians they employ. Q number of technicians also receive performance bonuses, sales commissions, and sharing with company profits. But these specific benefits are not standard and they vary. For technicians hired in entry-level position, their annual pharmacy technician salary is $ 28,500, based on government reports.

A number of employers can give pay increase of up to $ 32,000 per year. Completing formal training and getting certified are important factors, too, that are considered when establishing the salary. Certified pharmacy technicians can certainly ask for increase in salary because their training and certification is valued by most employers. On average, certified technicians receive 10% higher salaries than non-certified technicians. The higher salary for certified technicians is also reflected throughout their careers.

A higher salary rate awaits those pharmacy technicians who are considering getting their certifications. Although, it must be said that it may not make much difference in certain situations. Increase in pharmacy technician salary may be given once a year depending on the decision of the pharmacist. The type and size of the pharmacy are also factors in determining the differences in pharmacy technician salaries. Big time company associated pharmacies do certainly have higher pay than the small time private pharmacies. A certified pharmacy technician can also receive a higher rate if they work during the evening or weekends.

Hospitals give salaries amounting to $ 32,180 while grocery stores pay $ 28,490. In these industries, expect to receive higher salaries if you’re working in the Federal Government, in dentist offices, and in some research companies. Where you’ll be working has an effect on your salary rate. If you’re a pharmacy technician in Alaska, you’ll be earning $ 36,240, while technicians in California earn $ 36,100 annually. You will not have that feeling of being stagnant in your career because pharmacy technicians can be promoted to higher positions. The next position for entry-level technicians who get promoted is intermediary pharmacy technician.

Your salary scale will go up to about $ 31,500 to $ 39,000 once you are promoted to this next position. There are some lucky intermediary technicians who receives $ 43,000 from well-off employers. Every year, a supervisor technician will earn about $ 41,300 to $ 53,100. There are other, far more rewarding aspect of being in this field, than its pharmacy technician salary, like being able to help others. Pharmacy technician jobs also have good job security due to the huge demand for medical positions in the US.
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