Learn How To Lose Weight Safely

Learn How To Lose Weight Safely
The age old practice of fasting is making a huge comeback the world over. This tradition is no longer isolated to religious zealots but instead is being used as a weight loss method. Even though most of the world’s religions deal with fasting in some form or another it has generally been dealt with from a spiritual prospective. Jesus speaks of fasting and prayer in the New Testament in regards to casting out devils.

The process of fasting is simply going without food and/or water for a specified amount of time Hippocrates often referred to as the Father of Western Medicine recommended fasting for people who were sick. Even today most doctors will tell you to fast before or after a visit depending on the procedure you are at the doctor’s office for. Appetite suppressants like Reductil can be used to begin the fasting process by taking away your desire to eat. However, you will need the will power to continue and you need to drink plenty of water during this time. The best advice I could give to anyone is to start off slow by going with out a meal a day. Over a period of time you will develop a tolerance and you can start going hours a time without food.

There are many benefits to fasting that go beyond weight loss. Fasting helps to cleanse the body out of toxins that are built up and store in your system. These toxins are stored inside of the human body by the pounds in various forms primarily in the intestinal regions. Releasing them will not only cause weight loss but will restore your body to its natural state. Over time these toxins cause internal poisoning to your blood stream so it is important to get rid of them. Drinking vegetable juice or fruit drinks during the fasting process will aid in pushing these poisons out of the body.

People with oversized stomachs usually have undigested food stored inside that rots away in the body causing all kinds of sickness and disease. Fasting will help to ease the stomach contents out rapidly while reducing pounds off of your body. During this time many people may have a sick or fatigued feeling because they are exposing these inner poisons and chemicals to be released from the body. Since they would normally sit there undisturbed and continue to drain the body it is usually unnoticeable that they are present. This is a necessary step to go through though because the only other alternative would be to leave them in the body.

Many people are completely unaware that they may have intestinal parasites. These parasites feed off of these many toxins in the body and continue to grow causing an ongoing weak and tired feeling to a person. Once you begin to fast these parasites will come out of your system along with many of the toxins. Since the toxins go first the parasites no longer have anything to feed off of and die out.

I can’t stress how important it is to drink lots of liquids while fasting to flush the system out. Reductil, Xenical and Acomplia can help stop toxins from being reabsorbed back into the body. Toxins can be released through the skin which is normal as they are on a regular basis. The amount may increase during fasting so regular bathes are recommended to cleanse the flesh.

The main benefit fasting seems to play on the body is letting go build up toxins that build up over time. It is estimated that the every person has at least ten pounds of unwanted materials in their body or more that fasting will release. It is worth trying a fast just to let go of these unwanted pounds of waste stored. You may want to consult a family doctor before you begin your fast to find out more information.
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