Job Prospects For Pharmacy Technician

Job Prospects For Pharmacy Technician
Becoming a pharmacy technician requires a commitment to acquiring a specialized skill. Working closely with pharmacists as well as with patients on a daily basis can make choosing a career as a pharmacy tech both challenging and rewarding.

It is a requirement that a license to practice be earned through the sitting for licensing exams. Once you’ve passed your exams, you’ll obtain a national pharmacy technician training certificate and become a CPhT or a Certified Pharmacy Technician. This certificate is absolutely necessary if you’re looking to make being a pharmacy tech as a career choice.

If you are choosing a career as a pharmacy tech and already have earned yourself a position as a CPhT, you will know that it is mandatory to recertify yourself every two years or so. This helps keep your skills and knowledge current as well as give you the opportunity to widen your network of potential employers.

If you’ve earned your certificate as a licensed pharmacy tech, you’ll find jobs available in a wide variety of places. Hospitals being the most obvious place to find a job – nursing homes, clinics and even retail pharmacies are other places that need pharmacy technicians. Greater responsibilities are required from technicians who serve in health clinics and nursing homes as these they should be capable of understanding the patients’ issues, prepare the proper medicines, make sure that they are right and administer these to the patients.

Pharmacy technicians are generally required all through the day. Because of this, most technicians work in shifts. The amount you earn per hour can vary based on your work experience, geographical location and shift you choose to work – evening and weekend shifts typically pay more per hour. Bear in mind that as you progress in your career, the amount of control you have over your working hours increases.

If you’re looking at becoming pharmacy technician as career, there are certain qualities that a good technician should possess. First of all, they should be good communicators because patients need to have clear understanding of their instructions in taking their medication as well as any side effects that they may be at risk of. Other qualities include being alert, organized, efficient and committed to doing their job well. Attention to detail is key in dispensing medication.

A pharmacy technician is not only required to prepare and dispense medicines but is also responsible to advise patients about their diet and health. Because of this, it is important to always keep aware of the latest in medicine developments. Working closely with other technicians, pharmacists and pharmacy aids, a pharmacy technician must be able to and willing to work as a team.

Being a pharmacy tech requires precision as there is no room for error. Every prescription requires the exact medicines to be prepared. The technician has to verify that all information provided are both accurate and complete, and verify its validity with the pharmacist before it is dispensed. Apart from medications, a pharmacy technician may often be asked to keep patient records updated and current as well as take stock of the medicines kept.

Becoming pharmacy technician as career is a wise career move as there will most likely be an increased demand for this set of skills. With the advancements in medicine as well as the increased life span of people in general, the job of a pharmacy tech will always be needed.
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