Impotence in Young Men is Real

Impotence in Young Men is Real
Male impotence is common today and the sad bit of it is that any man irrespective of the age can become impotent at some point in life. Although impotence is more common during old age, young men have been reported to be victims as well.

Teenage and young men can suffer from male impotence because of two main reasons. The first common one is the anxiety. At this age, the young folks are out to explore and uncover the sexual experience. With these excitements comes caution on and anxiety, the expectation of the unknown quantity. A simple example is the desire for a sexual experience on one hand and the fear for pregnancy or performance on the other.

The thought of pregnancy and some other risks that sex exposes people like diseases may scare these young chaps and they may subsequently have problem obtaining an erection. Yes, these fellows grow up knowing that there are sexually transmitted diseases that don’t show on the faces of to be sex partners. HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis and many others such diseases will eventually drastically reduce the young people’s desire for sex leading to impotence at their early age.

We advise the young men to have « safe sex. » This is usually meant to promote « responsible » sexual behavior. What we may never know is that some of these young men end up suffering from impotence after trying out the condoms. To some young men, and this is even evident to the middle age, the presence of a condom literally leads to the disappearance of the erection. This is an erectile dysfunction that in most cases can be controlled by playing sex without « protection. » And who wants to go for a swim without a bathing suit? This leads to no sex altogether because the young men are so cautious for the health, which is a job well done by the « safe sex social communicators, » but in some young man’s crib, a young man is being rendered impotent somehow.

Some diseases are very risky and they may lead to impotence in young people. One of the most common diseases among the young people is diabetes mellitus. Diabetes does not only affect the young people’s sexual life, but is also common among men in advanced ages. Other causes include drug and substance abuse. Some of our young men are morally eroded and because of the peer pressure, they start doing drugs in their tender ages, behaviors that exposes them to the risks of eventually being rendered important.

This can be the most terrifying phase of a young man, full of energy and anxiety to discover the life’s rare pleasures and sex is one of them. Research has proved that relationships and sex top on the discussion board of the young population. However, impotence in young men is not a life sentence. The situation can be reversed if you tackle the causing factor. If it is diabetes, seek treatment.

The inability to use condoms and fear of pregnancy that leads to inability to sustain an erection can equally be solved by talking to your girlfriend about it. Some risky lifestyles like substance abuse at that early age is not only utterly irresponsible, but a risky illegal affair, keep off those drugs and cigarettes before they render your manhood useless. Impotence in young men is real, watch out.

Word of caution: Sex is an activity better enjoyed with a relaxed mind, which is usually at the right time, after marriage. It is the duty of every young man to be responsible and sex is one area that demands utmost responsibility.
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