Impotence Cures – Your Best Chance To Fight Impotence

Impotence Cures – Your Best Chance To Fight Impotence
With the recent developments in medical science, impotency is no longer a serious matter of concern as there are plenty of impotence cures available to treat the disease. Impotence, which is medically termed ‘erectile dysfunction’ or ED, is a physical condition where a man is unable to sustain an erection or unable to ejaculate at the time of sexual activity.

Since most men consider their sexual performance a symbol of their manhood, erectile dysfunction can be truly embarrassing and frustrating to them. But, you may ask, what causes this particular disorder? Well, the reasons can be both psychological as well as physical and if not diagnosed properly it can turn into a serious health concern. Nevertheless, with so many effective treatments available these days, you certainly have nothing to worry about if you are suffering from impotence.

Now, let’s look into the various kinds of impotence cures that may improve impotence problems as well as your sexual drive.

* Medication: This is the primary treatment for erectile dysfunction and often found to be the most effective one. Some of the most common oral drugs which are available include Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. These drugs are also available without prescription and are known to work wonders for people suffering from erectile dysfunction. However, you must remember these medications do not produce instant reactions and may take a while to trigger sexual stimulation. But they are most likely to help you maintain your erection for a longer period of time. Though this type of medication is proven to be effective against impotency, one must obtain information about them before choosing this type of drug, as they can cause serious side-effects too. These drugs are also not advisable if you have diabetes or any type of cardiac disease.

* Suppositories or pellets: Pellets are another type of medication, which has also been found to be effective if you are suffering from impotency or erectile dysfunction. These types of drugs are usually available in the forms of pellets, which are supposed to be inserted into the urethra to cause an erection. The name of the medicine is alprostadil and the dosage can range from 125mg to 1000mg. However, this particular type of medication has been found to be effective in only 35% of men who have administered the dosage and must not be used without proper medical supervision.

* Injected drugs: Injections are one of most widely applied impotence cures as they work faster than any other form of impotence medicine. Alprostadil along with papaverine and phentolamine, if injected directly into the reproductive organ, can cause an erection within minutes and can also act as a part of impotence treatment. This is indeed one of the best impotence cures so far, as it works for almost 75% men who opt for it. However, one must be very cautious and properly trained by a medical practitioner on how to administer the drug. Otherwise it may cause serious side-effects and scarring.

* Vacuum pumps: This is another effective cure for impotence. It is not available without a prescription, however. The process involves putting a vacuum pump, including a plastic tube, onto the sexual organ and then sucking the air out of the tube with the help of the pump. This way blood rushes into the sexual organ and causes an erection. The pump can either be hand operated or electric, but in both ways performs the same function. After the erection a small rubber band is placed at the end of the penis to hold the blood in it and sustain the erection for longer.

Other than the above-mentioned cures, there are also silicon implants to treat impotency. However no matter what option you choose, it is always advisable that you seek proper medical guidance before you pick your option from impotence cures available these days.
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