Fake Levitra? Maybe That’s Why It’s Not Working

Fake Levitra? Maybe That’s Why It’s Not Working
The number of disreputable companies, many in foreign markets, that are selling counterfeit or unlicensed generic prescription drugs is on the increase, putting consumers in danger by selling them a drug that can hurt them, or worse. Leading online pharmacy eDrugstore.MD, which sells erectile dysfunction drug Levitra among other products, is cautioning Internet shoppers to make sure they purchase their drugs from established, genuinely safe companies that handle only FDA-approved drugs.

The numbers of arrests of people selling counterfeit versions of drugs is on the rise. Mohammed Azim Dad was sentenced to 250 hours of community service for selling counterfeit versions of Levitra, Cialis and Viagra, having been charged with, and convicted of, violating the Trade Marks Act of 1994. He had admitted to regularly purchasing these ED drugs from counterfeiters in China, and then reselling them on eBay.com. And a man in Ohio, Ryan Wheele, was charged with conspiracy and trafficking in counterfeit prescription drugs, namely Levitra, Cialis and Viagra.

So what’s the point? The point is that, when ordering anything that is going to find its way into your body, you should make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate, established, reputable source like online pharmacy eDrugstore.com. Whether the drug is for erectile dysfunction or something else, you should always make sure you trust the source of the drug, and not scrimp and try to save a couple bucks and end up buying something that could hurt you.

There is a good reason that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the manufacture and sale of drugs. It’s to stop things like the above incident when counterfeiters in another country are creating something they may have a limited knowledge of in uncontrolled, non sterile conditions. And it’s not just drugs that are counterfeit, but drugs that claim to be « generic, » which often might as well be the same thing.

Genuine generic drugs are drugs that are manufactured using the same proprietary formulas and active ingredients as name brand drugs after a company’s patent, and exclusive right to manufacture that drug, has run out. The problem is, in the case of Levitra (and all ED) drugs, the patents have yet to run out, and nobody has the legal authority to manufacture generic versions. So when someone makes a batch of Levitra that allegedly contains the correct blend of Levitra’s active ingredient, Vardenafil HCl, there is actually no way of knowing whether or not the person who made the generic product had proper knowledge of what he was doing. You could be buying a placebo made out of pressed talcum powder for all you know.

Not only can it be dangerous to buy these types of illegal products, but there’s the patriotic factor to consider. Like anything, America’s economy goes up and down. But when we hear so much about how bad things are for the U.S. economically, why would we allow people from a foreign country (such as the counterfeiters from China mentioned above) to not only have a chance to poison us, but take our money while they do it? We need to be careful about the sources we deal with.

The bottom line is, don’t take the chance. Don’t buy counterfeit or generic drugs that are not being legally manufactured. There’s a reason that only FDA-approved drugs are sold through reputable online pharmacy eDrugstore.com and other companies like it: we want you to be safe.
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