Earning a Certificate As Licensed Pharmacy Tech

Earning a Certificate As Licensed Pharmacy Tech
Those considering becoming a pharmacy technician as a career choice will do well to know that a technician works very closely with pharmacists in the pharmacy to prepare and administer prescriptions in support of a physician’s treatment of patients with health needs.

Most states and employers require their technicians to hold a national pharmacy technician training certificate. This qualifies you as a CPhT, in other words, a Certified Pharmacy Technician. You must pass certain examinations to earn this certificate and receive your professional license. Your certificate will show potential, interested employers that you have the necessary skills to work with a pharmacist, manage medicines as well as the daily fare that visit a pharmacy.

Most states will require a licensed pharmacy technician to be recertified every two years to continually refresh your skills in the pharmacy. Employers generally look for individuals with proper certifications as these documents signify a level of competency and skill.

If you’ve earned your certificate as a licensed pharmacy tech, you’ll find jobs available in a wide variety of places. Hospitals being the most obvious place to find a job – nursing homes, clinics and even retail pharmacies are other places that need pharmacy technicians. Greater responsibilities are required from technicians who serve in health clinics and nursing homes as these they should be capable of understanding the patients’ issues, prepare the proper medicines, make sure that they are right and administer these to the patients.

Because a pharmacy technician is required through out the day, these technicians generally work in shifts. As a result, more money can be earned per hour in the evenings and on weekends. If you’re interested in becoming pharmacy technician as career, it is important to understand the varying salaries that one such technician can earn. Much of this will depend on your level of experience and geographical location – whether you’re looking for work in a city or a small town.

When looking to hire a pharmacy tech and if you’re considering taking on becoming a pharmacy technician as a career choice, certain qualities are deemed favorable. Possessing good communication skills is an important component in becoming a successful pharmacy technician. Patients need to be able to comprehend with clarity the medication and dosages they must take in. Instructions must be clear. Being alert, organized and efficient are other key components of a proficient technician.

As a pharmacy technician, in addition to administering prescriptions, you will be required to advise patients about their health and sometimes their diet. Not only just patients but also pharmacists and healthcare professionals. As such, technicians should always keep abreast of the latest in medicine developments and be willing to work closely with pharmacy aids and pharmacists as a team.

Being a pharmacy tech requires precision as there is no room for error. Every prescription requires the exact medicines to be prepared. The technician has to verify that all information provided are both accurate and complete, and verify its validity with the pharmacist before it is dispensed. Apart from medications, a pharmacy technician may often be asked to keep patient records updated and current as well as take stock of the medicines kept.

With the advancement of science and modern medicine, it is highly likely that the demand for pharmacy tech will continue to increase. The unique skills attained by making becoming a pharmacy technician as a career choice will ensure stability as well as embarking on a rewarding and fulfilling profession.
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