Don’t Despair, Impotence Has a Cure

Don’t Despair, Impotence Has a Cure
Impotence, however terrible it might be and whatever harm it might cause to your marriage and social life, is not a life sentence. Just like any other disease, male impotence is curable, but it needs total support from the patient to be effectively treated. This is because in most cases, save for impotence as a result of a serious disease like high blood pressure, the ability to turn things around is usually with the suffering man.

A medical doctor can prescribe medicine for you. These are usually tablets that are swallowed to help. These tablets are known to some people as sex tablets and you are required to swallow them in anticipation of sex. Maybe you have a date; you take them some minutes, as prescribed by the doctor before the sexual exercise. The tablets help cure impotence by enlarging blood vessels that supply blood to the penis and in the process increase the amount of blood flow to the penis causing an erection. You need to observe your doctor’s prescription to the last detail.

The second most common one is an injection. Doctors can help cure erectile dysfunction by injection erection stimulating medicine on the base of the penis. As a result, this medicine increases blood supply to the penis and eventually leading to a hard on after approximately fifteen minutes. Almost similar to the injection in curing impotence is through insertion of a small sex pellet in your urethra leading to an increased blood flow to the penis occurring as a result of the enlarged blood vessels. This method is also referred to as urethral insertion.

Vacuum devices are also used in the cure of impotence. Also called penis pumps, they work by inserting your penis into these pumps. The pumps then suck out the air, causing a vacuum. This triggers blood to flow to the penis leading to an erection. Once you attain an erection, the vacuum pump is removed and replaced by a rubber band to maintain the erection for like thirty minutes then it is removed.

In some advanced cases, you may end up with a full time erection if a surgeon opts to permanently place a rod into your penis, in a process called penile prosthesis, although we have others that can be inflated and deflated, depending on the desire for sex.

It is common knowledge that the treatment of the underlying factor of your impotence is the best medication for erectile dysfunction. This is because; your impotence is usually pegged on the common disease like high blood pressure that is treatable. Once these diseases are treated then the possibility of freeing yourself from impotence are high.

It calls for dedication and the desire to live a normal life to get past some lifestyle behavior that might contribute to your impotence situation. Drug and substance abuse should be sacrificed if you really need to get your potency back. Impotence is worse than forfeiting a bottle of beer or two in a pub or your routine puffs of smoke. Lastly, try to keep your mind free from unnecessary stress. Visit a counselor with your spouse for professional advice.

Impotence can also be cured by making modifications in dietary habits. Vegetables should be part of your food. Fruits are a great source of ingredients that are vital for sexual performance. Watermelon contains citrulline, which is a good source of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is very crucial for good health in general and sex health in particular as it dilates blood vessels leading good blood flow. Besides watermelon, pomegranate, avocado and banana are some of the fruits that can improve sex life.
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