Discussion on Propecia Side Effects and Some Alternatives

Discussion on Propecia Side Effects and Some Alternatives
People across different countries fell ill from different types of diseases. Out of them, some suffer from major conditions while the others go through common ones which get off easily. Leaving the above, there is also something which is extremely common and often is the hair losses. A certain number of factors contribute to this cause and it affects everyone on the morale basis too. Although, most of the people cope with baldness and move ahead, the rest find it miserable without hair. Obviously, the hairs are an inherent part of the human body and excessive shedding of it is worrying for anyone.

The frequent reasons are androgenetic alopecia, diseases, medications, pollution, stress, trauma and anxiety. Nevertheless, there also have been various research and studies to find some effective solution to it. FDA has approved such two drugs named Minoxidil and Finasteride which were tested under extensive trials for final use by the people. Well, about the first drug called Minoxidil, the results do not convey about significant hair gain but has some minimum effect on preventing the losses. Also, this drug is available Over-the-counter (OTC) as it doesn’t require any prescription.

Coming on to the other one named Finasteride (Propecia) which only comes with a prescription and are not recommended for women. There are lots of speculations about how does propecia work and if it has given any concrete results. The outcomes are not convincing enough to support them easily as they are still divided between the good and bad effects. Few surveys recorded the responses of people using propecia and the conclusion remains conflicting. One small section says that it helped in their hair growth on regular dosage and another section believed that hair loss has stopped.

On the other hand, the remaining section said they had variety of propecia side effects such as fatigue or dizziness, swelling on the feet and hand, irritation and redness on the scalp, rapid heartbeat and some other conditions as well. A complain which is commonly heard from those have used this drug says it decreases their libido and sometimes may result in erectile dysfunction too. It is tough to say that propecia side effects don’t happen to all because of those mixed reviews. This might suggest that it reacts differently on dissimilar persons while leaving the issue controversial regarding sexual functioning.

Parting it aside all of the above, there are brands offering hair care products promising hair re-growth as fast as in one day or one week. Probably, these should be well avoided because hair gain is a natural process and would take the as usual time to grow. Nonetheless, products which contain effectual ingredients like those of Groei360 are useful for regaining hair. Moreover, similar products that contain nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants are preferable to prevent hair thinning and retaining scalp health.

Home remedies like oil massage and hair masks are also assumed beneficial to improve hair health. Following a healthy regimen of food and exercise can bring forth positive results also.
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