Dieting is endless frustration. Reduced food intake stimulate the appetite

Dieting is endless frustration. Reduced food intake stimulate the appetite
Scientists have confirmed the fact that hungry person produces more hormone which stimulate the appetite. Therefore, their views are, if you really want to lose weight, it is simply best not go on the diet.

Michelle on the diet does not have any hope. The three children, 36-year-old mother, weight has been like a yo-yo, bounce back and forth between 70 kg and 120 kg. Recall that the weight loss experienced in the past ten years, she felt that each diet is only one of the consequences: the short-term success with endless frustration.

She has been to blame their own willpower is too weak. But last week, she saw on television a very prestigious women anchors are also complaining about the same trouble. Michelle began to doubt, perhaps it is their way to lose weight the wrong?

Her suspicion is justified. Scientists have confirmed the fact: to reduce the absorption of calories, that will change your metabolism and the brain, the body more urgent to save the fat and produce more hormones to stimulate the appetite, and the same desire for food like a hungry week beast. Therefore, their views are, if you really want to lose weight, it is best simply will not go on a diet.

25 years old, Michelle with height 173 cm, weight 63 kg of standard beauty. After the birth of two sons, she still maintains the original figure, and her boyfriend moved to live with. Paul is the civil servants of the health care system, always late to work, She says.. « I often do not eat all day, waiting for his night with a takeaway to eat together. »

The consequences of diet life are very straight forward: Michelle within a year gain more than 30 kg weight. After her daughter was born, she added weight of 7 kg. She began to realize that to lose weight. The next nine years, she tried various diets, the ancient health therapy and even hypnosis. The beginning of the results is exciting, she lost 40 kg. A year later, the weight back. « Summer holidays are the culprit. »

In 2008, she participated in a weight loss organization, re-minus 40 kilograms in five months, a light diet and she felt very healthy. But the Christmas of 2009, her efforts fall short: « I feel more and more weakness, light headedness, and all the food in a warm and called me, cannot resist. » Today, Michelle weighs 120 kilograms, has reached the pinnacle of life. A number of rebound of weight, so she is very desperate. She did not want to lose weight, even the door does not come up with.

Biologist opinion, this is the human long-standing evolution of the results can help us to survive a long period of famine. The human body contains enough to make the weight ten times the fat savings cell in the animal kingdom is chasing. The only way to compete with us only a polar bear this often can not find prey, animals need to save a lot of fat.

When the intake of calorie reduction, weight loss, the body system will be automatically converted to « file type » to « fuel save type « . It will reorganize your metabolic system, with fewer calories to maintain daily activities, but unfortunately, if you restore the original food intake, it will not immediately adjust back to the original file mode, while the your intake of calories into fat and store up to say… this is what a physiological defense mechanism. Who knows the next, you will again hungry? Really know how to take precautions.

This weight rebound, generally occurs after the diet end of eight weeks, and will continue for several years. A Columbia University study showed that, in order to adapt to the diet slowed down during the metabolic system, the maintenance of the results of the diet, a daily from less intake of 400 calories. The researchers looked at the muscle tissue before and after the date of the experimental object and comparison subjects after weight loss, muscle fiber has also changed, movement of calories consumed when only three-quarters of the people of the same weight. This phenomenon is how long it would disappear? It is not certain, that in six years.
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