Common Methods For Treating Impotence

Common Methods For Treating Impotence
Impotence is a health issue that commonly occurs amongst men. Roughly one in ten men experience some form of impotence during their life time. For the most part older men experience impotence at a higher rate than younger men. Once signs of impotence begin to manifest it is advised to contact your family doctor immediately. I will cover some of the most notable solutions to impotence that many men routinely use. The good news is that much research has gone into the study and treatment of impotence over the past twenty years and you shouldn’t be afraid to visit a specialist for treatment.

Introduction to Impotence
Recent clinical studies conducted have shown that the majority of impotence cases are caused primarily due to psychological issues and not physical ones. Stress, anxiety, pressure to perform, relationship problems or even fatigue are the leading problems that bring on impotence case. In these types of situations, impotence is often dealt with simply be consulting a therapist or counselor who will talk it over with the patient. These private one on one sessions can and will get intimate. However, opening up to your doctor seems to the best method in finding a cure. This also applies to being open with your loved ones, primarily your spouse. Never let fear take control over coping with your impotence.

Penile Implants for Impotence
One of the last resorts of treating impotence in the surgical, penile implant approach. This procedure implants a pump into the scrotum that can be triggered to pump up the penis. Other implants may leave the penis firm at all times or semi erect at all times. These life altering ways should be considered very carefully and discussed with family and a doctor.

Drug Injections for Impotence
The injection method works by injecting the drug directly into the penis, roughly around fifteen minutes before intimacy begins. The pump method and the injection method both work in a manner that simulates a natural erection. Injections cause the body to fill the penis with enough blood to lift it up. Alprostadil is widely used as the drug injected. It is made from hormones that are already present in the body to provide a more natural approach for treatment. I will show other hormone uses to cure impotence later on.

Vacuum Pump Method for Impotence
The vacuum pump is a plastic cylinder piston chamber that can be purchased over the counter. The vacuum is placed on the penis, particularly with lubricant. The attached hand pump creates the vacuum’s sucking function. When air is removed from the tube, air builds blood up in the penis. This is exactly what happens during a natural erection also. You may need to add a addition item to the shopping list if you want a vacuum pump. A optional penis ring aides in maintaining the erection longer by holding the blood in the penis. The use depends on the individuals ability to keep an erection for prolonged periods of time.

Hormone Treatment for Impotence
When there are testosterone abnormalities in the body, hormones can be increased during treatment. This type of treatment may range from increasing the hormone level or replacing the hormones altogether. There are also pills that can be taken that will increase hormones and the ability to produce testosterone which will lead to erections.
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