Causes of Male Impotence and How to Avoid Related Problems

Causes of Male Impotence and How to Avoid Related Problems
Male impotence is a sexual disorder in men, usually referred to as erectile dysfunction, or simply ED. It is the inability to maintain or develop a penile erection to perform sexual intercourse. The degree of male impotence differs in different men. Some men can have an erection, but cannot sustain it during sexual intercourse. Other men cannot develop an erection in the first place.

A man’s ability to develop an erection is a complicated process. This process involves several bodily functions, including the brain, nervous system, veins and arteries. When anyone of these processes malfunctions, erectile dysfunction may occur. Sometimes, the reason behind this embarrassing condition is psychological.

The penis consists of sponge-like tissue that retains blood in order to keep the penis erect during arousal. This happens after the brain has transmitted signals to nerves that are contained in the penis. When this process fails, erectile dysfunction takes place. This failure can be attributed to many different causes, which are mainly related to the circulatory system of the body.

But any illness or ailment is capable of causing erectile dysfunction because it can have negative effects on your nervous system, blood flow or your hormones. In men that are over fifty years of age, vascular disease is responsible for nearly fifty percent of these victims. Vascular disease refers to problems like developing deposits of fat in the arteries, heart attack, blood flow issues and high blood pressure.

One main cause of male impotence is when there is an alteration in the potassium channel. This happens when the body is poisoned by some acidic substance like arsenic, usually in drinking water. There are also organic causes for male impotence. Organic causes usually include cardiovascular diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure. The most common organic cause is diabetes. Many young men develop male impotence when they develop cardiovascular diseases due to conditions such as obesity. This shows how obesity can easily lead to erectile dysfunction in young men.

Other organic causes of male impotence include drug side effects, neurological problems and hormonal deficiencies. In today’s society, a lot of people resort to using sex-enhancing drugs for treatment. Recent research has shown that a large percentage of sex-enhancing drug users are normal and healthy people who are only looking for a way to boost their sexual pleasure. Medical research warns that continuous use of such drugs can lead to this undesirable condition.

Neurological problems can be caused by trauma. Most medical practitioners have reported incidents due to trauma caused by surgery, especially prostatectomy surgery. It can also occur because of psychological reasons. Psychological problems are the main causes in young men. Many young men fail to develop an erection during sexual intercourse due to stress or anxiety. Sometimes, it is because of performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety is a phobia. The intense desire experienced by young men to satisfy their partners sexually often leads to this phobia. The stress of worrying that you might fail in performing sexually is at the core of this phobia. Finding a way to overcome the phobia can be a positive step toward treating erectile dysfunction. Generally, impotence caused by psychological problems can be managed and interestingly, there have been positive results with placebo treatments.

Men should realize that they are suffering from erectile dysfunction due to psychological problems if they are able to develop normal erections at odd times like when they are not expected to engage in sexual intercourse. Other known causes of impotence are unhealthy social behaviors like cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and the use of hard drugs.
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