Can young men suffer from ED?

Can young men suffer from ED?
If Viagra ads are anything to go by then its only men nearing the age of 60 who suffer from the effects of ED. while the percentage of men being affected by ED is definitely the most when above the age of 45 the fact remains that all men above the age of 18 can suffer from ED. Most of the physiological causes of ED occur with advancing age. These causes include high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, arteriosclerosis amongst others. These are symptoms that occur as you age. So what are the causes of ED in younger men? Is Viagra Super Force the cure for this too? Read on to find out.

Performance anxiety

Anxieties about achieving erections or being able to satisfy your partner can be a big cause of ED in younger men. Constantly worrying and obsessing about it will not help you achieve erections one bit. Then there is the fact that an instance of ED manages to heighten that anxiety. Also there are worries about performance and size. You can be worried about what your partner thinks of you in bed. If she is not happy how many people will she tell it too? All these anxieties begin to mount one on top of the other making it almost impossible for you to be sexually stimulated.

Stop watching porn

One of the beauties of porn is that it easily accessible and very affordable. Also because of internet it can be accessed whenever you want it too. But what it does is it causes unrealistic operations. Let’s face it most of the stuff that happens in porn, happens ONLY in porn. Nurses in real hospital don’t do what nurses in porn hospitals do. As a result normal sex begins to look boring and loses its excitement. As a result you feel reduced arousal towards it.


Viagra is a medication that helps men suffering from ED achieve erections. this is because it causes an upward improvement in the flow of blood from the corpus cavernosa to the penis. This is done by raising nitric oxide regulation. Nitric oxide relaxes the muscles in the penile region which leads to dilation of blood vessels. Viagra not only helps men in obtaining erections which were otherwise not possible but also provides firm erections that last longer. This also enhances your sexual experience. Buying Viagra online is also a possibility now. A free coupon will allow you to buy Viagra at great discounts. That’s why many customers prefer to buy Viagra online.
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