Burn Your Excessive Calories and Fats

Burn Your Excessive Calories and Fats
Xenical is prescription medicine which is used for the treatment of obesity. This medication is is a weight loss medicine which is best and recommended by doctor to reduce your calorie in your body and is effective in controlling your weight. When you consume excessive calories and fats in your daily routine, some part of fats are easily digested and some part of fats stored in stomach and which further resulted in excessive weight. Xenical is very effective in observing fats in the body properly and also block some part of facts which we consume while we eat. Xenical helps you to prevent from regaining the weight you have lost and loosing weight can also reduce the health risk that come with obesity like breathing problem, any type of cancer, diabetes, heart didease and high blood pressure. This medication can be used for other medical condition as suggested by the doctor.

What should i know before using xenical drug?
Before taking Xenical medicine few things should be in your mind. Do not take Xenical if you are allergic to Xenical or to its ingredient orlistat. Before taking Xenical inform your doctor that you have had history of pancreatitis and gallstones. Avoid taking this medication if you are patient of eating disorder, liver problem, heart problem and having type I or I diabetes. If you are taking any prescription, non prescription and herbal medicine your doctor should know abut it before you take Xenical as it may cause some serious side effects.

Can i give Xenical to my 18 years old child?
It is a prescription medicine and should be given if it is pescribed by the doctor. Do not give this medicine to 18 years old child if it is not recommended by the doctor or health care professionals.

Can i take Xenical during my pregnancy?
If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant do not make use of Xenical medicine as it may harm to your unborn baby and breast feeding mothers should also avoid taking this medicine. Do not take xenical if it is not recommended by your doctor.

Does Xenical interact with other drugs?
Xenical may react with other drugs so you should use this medicine as suggested by your doctor. It react with gengraf, warfarin, diabetes medicine and aynthroid.

Dosage recommended for Xenical
Xenical should be taken with a full glass of water. You should take this medicine within the one hour of your meal. Take this medication as directed by the doctor. Xenical is taken 3 times in a day. Do not increase or decrease the dose on your own as it may result into some serious side effects.

What are the expected side effects of Xenical medicine?
All medication has some side effects and same Xenical medication has some common to serious side effects. Some of these common side effects are feeling weak, fat in stool, acidity, stomach pain, spotting, feeling of vomit, appetite loss, change in the color of stool and irregular bowel movements ans some serious side effects are blocked nose, rashes on skin, bad throat, pain in the back and head, cold, gum problem and increased body temperature.

Where this medicine should be stored?
You should always store Xenical at room temperatue at 15 to 30 degree C. Keep it in a dry place. If the product is not in use discard it properly. This medication should be kept away from the reach of the children and pet.
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