Benefits Of Having A Pharmacy Technician Certification

Benefits Of Having A Pharmacy Technician Certification
Sometimes, some pharmacy technicians, even those with pharmacy technician certification, have doubts about whether they matter in the place their working at. An example is a pharmacy technician that couldn’t get any job in pharmacies is spite of their qualifications, thereby increasing their doubts whether they are still relevant in the healthcare industry. Are they indeed needed or are their jobs on the way out, like those millions of other jobs that were affected by the economic crisis. They may think that even though they have pharmacy technician certification, no company is hiring them. There are also instances that some technicians may feel that pharmacists are taking them for granted.

To answer these doubts, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board sponsored a survey to know just what do pharmacists think about pharmacy technicians that are working for them. The survey revealed that more than 80% of those surveyed pharmacists think that pharmacy technician certification is very important in « reducing medication errors, ensuring patient safety, and increasing positive health outcomes ». Those pharmacists also said that they were able to spend more time in direct patient care if they have reliable, well-trained and certified pharmacy technicians, that they are confident that the patients’ needs and requirements will be well taken care of by these pharmacy technicians.

You can’t say that only a handful of select pharmacists participated in this survey. A huge sample of randomly selected pharmacists working in various practice setting, numbering more than 3,250 of them, participated in this survey. Shane Desselle and Michael Schmitt of the University of Oklahoma, College of Pharmacy. The surveyed pharmacists also said that they can spend more time in caring for patients if they have well-trained certified pharmacy technicians working at their pharmacies.

For most pharmacists, pharmacy technician certification is very important because of another thing, malpractice lawsuits. Unlike before when disputes are settled through discussions and mediations, today, lawsuits are being filed any time there are disputes. The healthcare industry is especially vulnerable to this « lawsuits mania » because of the many malpractice lawsuits being filed whenever something wrong happened during the course of the healthcare assistance process, may they be unfounded accusations or not. As protection against potential lawsuits that may be filed in the future, pharmacists and other healthcare providers prefer to hire employees that are formally trained and certified by highly regarded certifying organizations, because a certification means their employees are competent in their jobs.

Today’s pharmacists have more responsibilities, like being directly involved in patient care, compared to then, when they’re just dispensing and filling prescriptions. The number of patients is also increasing every year due to a number of factors and because of these, pharmacists have to rely more on pharmacy technicians in making sure they can serve more people everyday. Since the tasks of pharmacists have become more complex, a pharmacy technician’s tasks also became complex. Hence, pharmacists prefer to hire those that have obtained their pharmacy technician certification. For certified pharmacy technicians, they are amply rewarded though, through higher salaries and better opportunities for career advancements.
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