A Personal Weight Loss Story

A Personal Weight Loss Story
I have recently lost about thirty five pounds in about four months and many people have asked me how. I have decided to tell my story as a way to inspire others. This is a step by step, day in and day out on how to loss roughly thirty pounds in just a few months.

Let’s start off with the basics so you can understand completely what I went through. My daily routine used to begin at seven o’clock before I got serious about loosing weight. Now my day begins an hour earlier at six. That one hour difference has played a major part in the thirty five pound loss. Why? Simply because I would get up and eat breakfast then go for a jog around the block a few times. After I began this I noticed that I had more energy throughout the day. My morning breakfast consisted primarily of fresh fruits and water.

Vitamin rich fruits gave me the energy to continue to run further and further throughout the neighborhood. Once I would return home I would drink more water and shower up. The reason I mention the shower isn’t accidental. A hot steam shower is very relaxing but it also helps to cleanse the pores of your skin from toxins. Overtime toxins build up in your body and become useless weight.

Since I am about five miles from work I thought it would be a good idea to ride my bike. After all, I was already jogging about two miles a morning around the block. This was not as easy as I had anticipated though! Around lunchtime after the first day of walking to work I noticed I was drained. Normally I would get some fast food from the lobby of my job to eat at lunch. Realizing that I could probably find a better lunch substitute, I came up with taking Xenical or Acomplia along with eating a smoothie.

If you have never tried a smoothie then you don’t know what you are missing. They are made in various ways but generally they are a mixture of fruits blended together like a yogurt served cold. No more fries filled with saturated fats, sodas laced with artificial sweeteners and hamburgers cooked on dirty grills.

It only took a week of my new lunch diet before I felt comfortable with attempting to ride my bike to work again. Instead of jumping into this head first I thought it best to ride my bike to work then ride the bus home. Once home it was time to focus on a new dinner plan.

How could I balance my new diet of fruit and water for breakfast, with smoothies for lunch? The most rational thing seemed to be a heavy dinner. When I say heavy I mean a well balanced meal. A Reductil before dinner would help me curb my appetite until I ate. Dinner was eaten at about eight o’clock every day at that time. My meals would be a nice size piece of meat such as a steak or chicken breast that I would bake. Never ever fry your foods when you are trying to lose weight. The continued process of large oil intake and dieting simply don’t mix.

Make sure you have fresh vegetables along with your dinner also. I have discovered a nice size glass of wine was very healthy on some occasions as long as you aren’t on any medication. Well, this is how I was able to lose weight in just a few months. I hope you have the same success as I have had.
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